Can’t power off/on a VM — VM is stuck

We had an issue the other day with our filers and because of it, some our machines orphaned themselves and VMware didn’t know what to do with them.  If I tried to power off the machine I would get the error,


Basically, I don’t even think the machine was on, but my vCenter server showed it as being powered on.  Luckily I found a KB article that deals with this.

SSH into the host that the VM is said to be running from.  Then run the command:

esxcli vm process list

This gives you a list of all the running VMs, and the important piece you want is the World ID.  Copy that, and then run the command:

esxcli vm process kill –type=[soft,hard,force] –world-id=WorldNumber

Note: Three power-off methods are available. Soft is the most graceful, hard performs an immediate shutdown, and force should be used as a last resort.

As you can see, I ran this command and it killed the VM.  After doing this, I was able to power on the VM without issue.  I used soft and it worked.


That’s all I have for today.

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