Installing APC Network Shutdown for ESXi – Part 2

In Part 2 we are going to configure the OVA that we just deployed

  • Click on your new VMA and then click the “Open Console” button.
  •  There should be a Network Configuration menu. I have found that if I set the gateway first that it will not save when I set the IP. I am going to set that last. Choose option “3” to set the hostname.
  •   Make your hostname match your VM name.
  •  Select option “4” to set the DNS servers. Type the appropriate primary (Server 1) DNS IP and then press “Enter“. If used, also add your secondary (Server 2) DNS IP and press “Enter” again.
  • Select option “6” to set the IP for eth0. I only use IPv4 so type “n” to not configure IPv6, then “y” to configure IPv4, and then “n” to not use DHCP. Type the IP and Subnet for your VMA and then “y” to confirm it is correct.
  • Now I set the Gateway. Choose option “2” and the press “Enter” to set the gateway for eth0. Type the IP of your IPv4 Default Gateway and the press “Enter“. Press “Enter” again to skip the gateway for IPv6.
  • Choose option “1” to “Exit this program“. This will boot the VMA with the network settings that we just configured.
  • Next the VMA will ask for the old password for the vi-admin account. Press “Enter” for the Old Password. Then type your new password “Enter” and then retype it when prompted. “Enter” again.
  • The VMA should boot and you should see the following screen. Browse to https://VMA-IP:5480 to verify connectivity. 

Great, now you have configured the new VMA, it is now time to install Powerchute in Part 3.

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