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False alerts after upgrading ILO firmware from 1.55 to 1.8

There are two separate alerts that I have experience from these upgrades.  Please note that after the update the ILO cards were rebooted, but our esxi hosts running vsphere 5.1 were not rebooted.


Out of 31 hosts that had firmware updated, this error has appeared on 6 so far.  Some of them took a couple days before they presented with the alert.  The alarm triggered is: Host Memory Status.  Under the “Hardware Status” tab the alert shows for the System Board 8 Memory: Uncorrectable ECC.





The second problem that I have encountered is the filling up of the IPMI SEL Log.  I am able to go in an clear the log which gets rid of the alert for a short time, but the log fills up again.  The alert shows as Host IPMI System Event Log Status.  Under the “Hardware Status” tab the “System Event Log” and “IPMI SEL” show as Unknown.  You can click on “Show Event Log” and then “Reset Event Log” and it will clear for a while…but the alert will return.  Notice the future date of 12/31/9998 which I am guessing might be when the world ends.



How do I fix these problems?  After calling HP and VMware I was told that I needed to put each host into Maintenance Mode and then run a “Detailed Hardware Diagnostic”.  According to VMware this was the only way to clear the error (especially the memory one).  The solution that ended up working for me was to just reboot the host…:)  The VMware couldn’t believe that worked, but it did.  I know it isn’t a difficult fix, but maybe this might help others that get this alert.

Please let me know if you have encountered similar alerts from upgrading the firmware on your ILO ports.