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Installing APC Network Shutdown for ESXi – Part 1


  •  Create a password for the vi-admin account.
  • Download VMA OVA from VMware.
  • Download the Powerchute Network Shutdown for ESXi from www.apc.com. The most current version at the time of writing this is v3.0.1.
  • Download and install putt.exe.
  • Install WinSCP on your local machine. This will be used to put the tar.gz file that you just downloaded from APC on your Esxi host.
  • Make sure the vSphere Client is installed on your machine.


  •  On your vCenter server click “File–>Deploy OVF Template“.  
    Choose the location of your ovf. Click “Next“.

  • Verify the details and click “Next“.
  •  Click “Accept” and then “Next“.
  •  Name your VM and then choose the inventory location for the VM. Click “Next“.
  •  Choose the host you wish to deploy to and then click “Next“.
  •  We don’t use resource pools. Select the top level cluster and then click “Next“.
  •  Select the datastore to deploy the VM to and then click “Next“.
  •  I prefer thin provisioning…especially for the VMA’s. Click the “Thin Provisioning” radio button and then click “Next“.
  •  Choose the appropriate source network and destination network and then click “Next“.
  •  Choose the “Fixed” radio button and then click “Next“.
  •  Enter the IP address for the new VMA and then click “Next“.
  •  Verify all of the settings, click the “Power on after deployment” box, and then click “Finish“.
  •  You will see the OVF start to deploy.

Everything look good? Proceed to Part 2