Creating Cisco UCS port channels and then assigning a VLAN

In my new position I am learning a lot about UCS. Today I had to create a port channel for both A and B fabrics and then assign a VLAN to both.

  1. Log into Cisco Manager.
  2. Click on the LAN tab and then Plus sign next to Fabric A.
  3. Right click Port-Channels and select Create Port Channel.
  4. Give the port channel an ID and a Name.
  5. Select which ports are going to be used in this port channel group. Make sure you hit the >> button to move them over to be in the port channel. Click Finish.
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 on Fabric B
  7. Click LAN in the left navigation window and then at the bottom click on LAN Uplinks Manager.
  8. Click the VLAN tab and then click the VLAN Manager tab. In the left navigation pane you will select the port channel group that you created earlier. In my case I am using port channel 23. In the right window you select which vlans you want to check the box of the vlans you want to be a part of this port group. Click the Add to VLAN/VLAN Group box at the bottom of the screen.

    That should be it. You have now created a port channel and assigned a VLAN to it!

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